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Lisa Jericevich makeup artist


Lisa has been working in the industry of chaos since 1995. She has enjoyed the benefits of being able to pack her bags and work in various landscapes which include, la la land Hollywood, freezing cold Stockholm, sunny South Africa amongst many and now finds herself residing in Croatia. Her philosophy is that life is too short to be mediocre and that artists should express their talents together as a working team leaving the ego at home. Lisa has also taught from beauty to beast at many schools around the world and is still in contact with many of her students believing that there is always something to learn and share with everyone.

Summarised Client list:

Coca-Cola, Samsung, Virgin Mobile, Ford, Coke-Light, Nissan, OPT Bank, Cedevita, Ledo, T-Mobile, Mac Donald's, Vaseline Intensive Care, Kleenex, Honda, Dove, Minute Maid, Jockey, Adidas, LG, MTN
Johnson's & Johnson's, Nashua, Revlon, Kalula Airlines, Brutal Fruit, Toyota, Legacy Hotels, Axe deodorant, Elastoplast, Beiersdorf, Visa, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Domestos, Pampers, Pierre Cardin, Always, Sunlight, Soviet Jeans, Nike, Hyundai, Levi, Purity, Shield deodorant, Motorola, Danon, Sterling light beer, FIFA, Shell, Salvation Army, Steers, Vodacom, Polo, Pringle, L’oreal, Wella, Nivea, Fila, Elle magazine, Marie-Claire, FHM, GQ, Cleo, Style, Opera, Living & Loving, MAX TV, Konzum Croatia Tourism Board, Raiffeisen Bank, Adriatic Hotels, 20th Century Fox and Endomol productions


South African Body Painting first prize 1995

Cannes 2007 Lion Bronze - Toot ‘n Skoot
Lourie 2007 Gram Pre - Virgin Mobile

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